Parkinson’s sufferers experience rudeness towards their illness, survey finds

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21st April 2015 16:58 - Health

A recent survey of 2,000 individuals, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, has discovered that more than half have had some experience of Parkinson’s sufferers can experience rudeness towards their illness, survey findshostility or rudeness towards them, at the hands of strangers.

The survey – which was carried out by charity, Parkinson’s UK – has found that many suffers had been mistaken for a drunk or laughed at, and consequently left some people feeling “intimidated” and “invisible”.

The charity calls for the public to have more patience and sympathy for those suffering with the disease.

Currently, there are around 127,000 individuals in the UK, who suffer from the degenerative neurological disease, which causes tremors, slow movements and rigidity.

Clinical Director at Parkinson’s UK, Professor David Burn, said of the illness: "Patients I see in the clinic are already battling a myriad of neurological symptoms including anxiety, depression and insomnia. The last thing they need is to feel like a zoo exhibit when they step out of their front door."

Burn said that the effect which inconsiderate public reactions can have on suffers can be devastating.

The findings also revealed the unseen impact negative, which reactions can have on people with Parkinson’s disease.

Approximately 20 per cent claimed that they would rather miss a meal than leave there home to go to the shop and 1 in 6 said that they felt like they were trapped in their own home, after being humiliated in public.

Parkinson’s UK urges the public to be more kind to those who may be living with the condition.

CEO of Parkinson’s UK, Steve Ford, said: "We certainly don't expect people to be experts in knowing whether or not the person taking a little longer at the till, or looking unsteady on their feet is living with Parkinson's.  But by signing up to our new campaign with a small pledge - to smile or be that bit more patient - you can have a real impact on the lives of people with Parkinson's."

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