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28th January 2012 16:25 - Health

The latest consumer survey by the FSA has revealed that when it comes to food, the British public now worries more about high prices than hygiene.

A total of 60% of the Britons polled said price hikes on food is the issue they’re most concerned about, although this figure is down slightly from 61% in the previous survey last May. 

The second most common area of concern at 46% is the amount of salt in food, followed by fat content at 40%.

Hygiene when eating out ranks fourth in the list of consumer food worries in the poll at 36%, indicating that this type of concern has eased significantly over time.

Food poisoning through the likes of salmonella or E.coli came in fourth at 30% in the study, followed by 26% of respondents who said they were concerned about the use of additives in food.

The total concern rating amongst the UK public over food poisoning has decreased from 61% in March 2011 to 30% in November 2011, while worry over food hygiene when eating out (which the FSA began tracking in 2009) had fallen from 44% in November 2009 to 36% in November 2011.

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