Poll Reveals Nationss Attitude to Pudding Treats

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19th November 2011 15:19 - Health

A poll of 3,000 Britons by Crown Carveries has measured the public’s pudding habits – it found that seven in ten women spend up to 20 minutes deciding whether to have a dessert in a restaurant.

Most ladies were seen to finally give in to temptation and said they would choose a dessert over a starter or even a main course, despite wasting time worrying about their waistline and not wanting to look unhealthy in front of their partner.

In contrast, men don’t think twice about ordering a dessert and are more likely to consider the cost of the pudding than the calories.

Further significant differences between the sexes were discovered – traditional treats such as spotted dick, jam roly-poly or bread and butter pudding were some of the men’s favourites, while women more likely to opt for  contemporary dishes such as crème brûlée, waffles and tiramisu.

The desserts which topped the list for both men and women however were cheesecake, followed by chocolate fudge cake.

Senior Marketing Manager at Crown Carveries, Chris Brewer, commented: “We are sure this research will strike a chord with families at dinner tables all over the UK, as they deliberate over their choice of pudding... Perhaps as a nation our taste buds have come full circle and the food fads of recent years are due to take a back seat as we all search for a bit of nostalgia on our pudding plates.”

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