Sex Education Lacking In Schools, Report Shows

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12th November 2012 13:21 - Health

A recent study, entitled 'The Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey', has found that almost a third of Irish people have not received any form of sexual health or sex education in secondary school. 

Across the globe, the average of people who have not received any form of sexual education in school is 22%; however that figure stands at 30% in Ireland, significantly above the average. 

The survey asked 29,994 adults across 36 different countries, and showed that 55% of 18-year-olds will leave secondary school in Ireland with some form of sexual education. 15% of respondents said that they could not remember their school's sex education policy. 

Almost half of the global survey participants said that their friends were their primary source of sex education. Books, magazines and mainstream television were all said to have been more informative than school regarding sexual health and education. 

The survey also showed that the average number of sexual partners for men was higher than that for women. On average, men had seventeen different sexual partners across their lifetime, whilst women had less than half of that number with eight. 

The survey was conducted as part of National Condom Week, which ran from October 15th - October 21st 2012, and aims to promote well informed, safe sex. 

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