Sleep Survey Sees UK Tendency for Poor Night's Rest in February

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4th February 2013 15:04 - Health


The Great British Sleep Survey by has revealed that February is one of the worst months to get a good night’s rest.

Starting March 2010, the on-going study is the broadest and deepest assessment ever carried out to find out how well Britons are sleeping. It has offered insight into the things that are keeping people in the UK awake at night, as well as how these factors vary with age and geography. Furthermore, the study uncovers the day-to-day consequences of poor sleep, which many across the nation commonly experience.

The survey latest findings, having questioned over 21,000 adults, show that Britons are on the brink of a post New Year’s ‘sleep dip’ – it is predicted that February will be the worst month for sleep until the arrival of winter again later this year.

It was discovered that the second month of 2013 will see people spending around 8 minutes longer trying to get to sleep, and a further 10 minutes awake during the night compared to March.

As a result, nearly one third of Britons will suffer from low energy in February as opposed to March, with women particularly affected. The female population is predicted to experience a 7% lower sleep quality in February compared to a 5% dip for men.

Luckily February is a short month – the survey indicates that March will usher in a 14% increase in the nation’s average sleep quality, and a 26% decrease in those who are frustrated from a poor night’s rest. 

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