Survey Claims One in Four UK Women Dangerously Overweight

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1st December 2011 17:29 - Health

According to survey figures that have just been announced by Eurostat, the weight profile of the UK female population is significantly worse than that of their European counterparts.

The study of 19 countries (which excluded the United States) revealed that the UK is currently in the top 3 developed world countries facing an obesity pandemic, with 24% of female Britons classed as obese and at risk of developing severe health conditions.

The majority of those at risk the survey found are women in the younger age bracket, who are more likely to suffer with obesity related health issues such as strokes, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular problems – all of which account for the loss of some 30,000 lives each year.

Some observers believe that the increased trend in mass weight gain could be related to a backlash towards the recent economic downturn.

Neville Rigby of the International Obesity Forum has pointed towards the rising cost of healthy foods as a factor in the choice of less healthy diets consisting of fatty and sugary junk foods.

Calls are now being made for improved awareness and preventative measures to help curb further increases in UK female weight gain.

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