Survey Discovers Britons Letting Lunch Time Slide

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9th July 2012 16:43 - Health

Market research by cheese manufacturer Primula has revealed that the majority of the UK workforce are now halving the time they take for lunch.

The survey of over 1,000 Britons looked into how the nation prepare and enjoy their lunch, how long they spend eating it, and also who they’d most like to spend their lunch with.

Lunch time seems to be falling out of favour according to the findings. In total, 58% of the respondents who were in full or part-time employment not only eat lunch at their desk by themselves, they take less than 30 minutes each day to enjoy it.

A further 20% of the surveyants in full-time employment also claimed they spend less time having lunch than they did 12 months ago.

In addition, a 57% majority of respondents said they prepare their lunch at home and take it into work, while only 11% buy their lunch either at the office canteen or nearby shop.

Marketing Director for Primula, Craig Brooks, commented: “We were really surprised to see from our survey the UK seems to be falling out of love with lunchtime, with more and more people taking less than 30 minutes a day to eat their lunch alone at their desk. As a nation we appear to be working increasingly longer and more demanding hours, whilst trying to cram in lunch on the go.”

When Britons were asked which famous person from the world of music, film, politics and sport would most like to eat lunch with, George Clooney was the main favourite (22%), followed by David Beckham (13%) and Barack Obama (11%). 

Nevertheless, given the choice, most respondents said they would opt to eat lunch with their partner, family or friends over celebrities.

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