Health Survey Shows Average UK Adult Wastes Five Years Fretting

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28th January 2013 18:24 - Health

A survey by UK healthcare provider Benenden Health has revealed that the average adult Briton spends more than five years of their life worrying.

In total, an adult person will lose around two hours per day and 14 hours per week fretting about such issues as their personal finances, job security, health, getting old and their love life.

The most common worries related to not having enough energy to make it through the day, aging or problems at work, while other concerns that were high on the list included anxiety about whether their partner is right for them and whether their partner is still in love with them.

Furthermore, it was discovered that one in ten people have bank statements, bills or letters they have either left unopened or hidden because they are too afraid to read them.

It was estimated that the average adult has around six nights of poor sleep during each month as a result of fretting. Extreme anxiety researchers say makes it difficult for many Britons to concentrate at work, have a crucial night’s rest and get along with the significant others in their lives.

The study also found that approximately 45% of the surveyants admitted to the fact that the stress and worry they frequently feel has directly had an impact on their health in a negative way.

To compound the issue, approximately one quarter of the respondents claimed they feel they have no one they can confide in their worries, while a third admitted to suppressing their worries so that they can get on with their everyday life.

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