Survey Finds High Number Of Gyms Failing To Comply With Industry Guidelines

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7th April 2014 13:19 - Health

According to research of more than 1,100 people working in the Australian fitness industry – conducted by Professor Finch and colleagues from Bond University, the University of South Australia and Fitness Australia – there are a high number of gyms and fitness centres failing to comply with industry guidelines designed to minimise the risk of injury.

Caroline Finch, head of the Centre for Health and Safe Sport at Federation University, said:

“More than a third of fitness centres surveyed failed to screen members to establish their pre-existing health issues... Failing to follow these guidelines puts people at risk.”

The research, which is to be presented in Monaco at the International Olympic Committee sports injury conference on Friday (11th April), also included analysing hospital admission data from the state of Victoria between 2002 and 2012 to identify the most common type of exercise to cause injury.

Shannon Gray from the Monash Injury Research Institute said of the 1,979 people injured in fitness centres during that period, more than half were using motorised equipment such as treadmills or undertaking general gym work, two-fifths (37%) were doing resistance training and a tenth (11%) doing aerobic exercises.

Among respondents, 44 per cent said weights were often not put away, making them a hazard for gym users. Half also reported seeing gym members lifting weights too heavy for them.

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