Survey Finds Spending Reduction across Care Continuum

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16th July 2013 11:18 - Health

Provista, a leading supply chain improvement company, recently announced the results of a nationwide US survey of 359 administrators, directors and office managers in Ambulatory Surgical Centres (ASC), cancer centres, home health agencies and physician practices about the issues impacting purchasing in their organisations over the next year.

Findings show seven in ten (70%) organisations are actively reducing costs as changes are made to healthcare, some of which include; increased physician pay, strengthening the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and launching more streamlined Medicare billing.

Whilst the survey shows that many providers are holding off purchasing in some categories, investments in computer software still remain strong. Key findings include:

To prepare for healthcare reform, the majority of Ambulatory Surgical Centre (ASC) respondents are cutting costs (76 percent), expanding and diversifying services (39 percent) and considering a joint venture with a hospital (13 percent). Over a third (38%) have increased regulations when it came to making business decisions yet seven in ten (72%) are confident about their ability to adapt to healthcare reform.

Two thirds (66%) of cancer centres are confident in their ability to adapt to changes, seven in ten (71%) are seen to cut costs, whilst just under half (42%) are expanding and diversifying their services.

However, under half of physician practices (40%) and home health agencies (46%) are confident in their ability to adapt to this new healthcare landscape.

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