Survey Highlights Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes over Traditional Tobacco

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9th May 2013 15:11 - Health


What is believed to be the most significant analysis of its kind in the UK thus far conducted, a survey by has revealed the health benefits of switching from tobacco cigarettes to the electronic variety.

The study questioned over 1000 e-cig users in the UK and found the respondents reporting improved lung capacity and a better ability to tackle strenuous tasks.

Nearly three quarters of the e-cig users felt fitter after making the change and claimed they were better able to exercise, with almost a quarter having this medically confirmed.

Furthermore, 63.9% of e-cig users said they experienced improvement with recurring ‘smoker’s’ cough after stopping conventional tobacco, while less than 3.4% claimed their cough was unchanged or worse.

As many as 98% of the respondents said they smoked less tobacco after taking up e-cigs, with only 1.6% reporting having started using e-cigs despite not previously being a smoker.

A total of 77% now only use e-cigs and have managed to quit tobacco altogether, with 70% of ‘vapers’ reporting increased lung capacity and 22.2% of these being confirmed by a doctor.

Scientist Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, who studied the survey data independently, commented: “In a group of motivated e-cigarette users we observe positive effects on respiratory function, while duration of e-cigarette use is associated with improvement in cough symptoms and exercise capacity. However, less beneficial effects were observed in users who continue to smoke, indicating that e-cigarettes should be used as a complete substitute for smoking.”

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