Survey Reveals Britons to Be Poor Nation of Sleepers

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10th September 2012 15:37 - Health

A new survey sponsored by Sleepio, an online sleep improvement programme which uses cognitive behavioural techniques, has shown that many Britons are long-term poor sleepers, while sleeping pills fail to help the insomnia of four in ten adults.

Some 42% of respondents who are currently on medication have been sleeping badly for over 11 years or more, 22% haver had insomnia lasting two to five years, while one in six have suffered from this for between six to ten years.

In total, it is estimated that a third of Britons suffer from insomnia. The Great British Sleep Survey of more than 20,000 UK adults discovered that the average score of sleep quality reported by respondents reached only five out of ten.

Long-term poor sleepers were also found to be twice as likely to have relationship problems as well as suffer from daytime fatigue and lack of concentration.

Based on these findings, experts have suggested that cognitive behavioural therapy would prove more effective than sleeping pills, while also being far better for people’s health.

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