Survey Reveals Women Not Talking About Fertility, Feel Judged and Stigmatised

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28th October 2013 10:30 - Health

According to new research carried about by the Infertility Network the majority of childless women ages 35 to 45 have felt that their choice for waiting later in life to start a family has left them feeling stigmatised and judged. The findings reveal that friends and relatives put a great amount of pressure on women to have children with sixty per cent of women feeling judged for not starting a family.

The research, which surveyed 500 women still wanting children, goes on to reveal that forty per cent of the women asked were too embarrassed to talk about fertility with the majority not feeling comfortable discussing this with friends and family. Further findings from the research provide a warning that women’s fears of being judged were actually preventing them from seeking medical treatment. The typical waiting period prior to seeing a GP about infertility is two years while older women would wait even longer.  Out of those women who had already undergone treatment, just under half (46%) had waited four months or longer before seeking medical advice and almost thirty per cent (29%) waited over a year.

It’s estimated that one in seven heterosexual couples in the UK is said to be affected by infertility with the biggest decrease in fertility starting when a women is in her mid-30s. Almost a fifth of those aged between 40 and 45 are still avoiding seeking fertility advice.

Recent changes made by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence have meant that childless couples now only have to try and conceive for two years instead of three before receiving IVF treatment on the NHS.

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