Survey Suggests That 131 Million Days A Year Are Lost Due To Sickness

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22nd November 2013 14:59 - Health

New research carried out by LV has revealed that the average Briton spends almost a year of their working life off sick. During the standard 45 year career, it has been discovered that workers will take 360 days sick; however this actually means we spend almost a year and a half of our working lives off work as there are an average 252 working days in a working year.

The poll of 2,000 workers found that a third (36%) claimed their company has no compulsory sick pay policy, and that employees would only be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay of £88.70 a week. The research suggests that depression and stress are now the most common causes of long term absences which on average take more than 80 days to recover from, meaning workers can end up thousands of pounds out of pocket if their company doesn’t have sick pay policy. One in three people receive Statutory Sick Pay

With the average wage at £26,664 this means workers on Statutory Sick Pay could lose on average £4,671 if they collected just £86.70 a week over 81 days.

The findings go on the reveal that 131 million working days are lost in Britain annually equates to eight days per worker. However, two-fifths (44%) claim they have had to return to work early due to financial concerns even though they are still sick. The research also highlights how unprepared Britain’s are when it comes to being sick with half (52%) admitting they didn’t know what they would be entitled to.

Commenting on the findings, Mark Jones from LV, said:

“Whilst no one wants to think about getting ill, unfortunately none of us are invincible. The reality is that some people will need to be off work for a large chunk of time. However, far too few of us have a back-up plan in place that would protect our income if we found ourselves unable to work. Having a contingency plan, such as income protection, offers peace of mind so if we become ill we can focus on recovering.”

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