Survey Uncovers Need for UK Employers to Recognise Workforce Wellbeing

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8th January 2013 16:39 - Health


A survey conducted on behalf of The Best You magazine, which questioned respondents across the UK about their mental health and well-being at work, has indicated that many employees are feeling under-valued, under pressure and lacking in adequate employer support.

When asked if they felt happy in the work place, only 29% of the surveyants in total answered "I am mostly happy".

The highest levels of contented employees were found to be in the south east (39%), north west (36%) and south west (34%), while in contrast the unhappiest workers are in Wales and East Anglia.

Furthermore, the study found that feelings of stress and lack of motivation are major causes for unhappiness at work - 50% of the respondents claimed they get stressed out by the pressure of their job as well as by a lack of support from their employers.

The survey also discovered that only 11% of workers felt that their employers offered relevant support, with a majority of 67% claiming that their employers didn't pay enough attention to workplace mental health and well-being.

Following these findings, the survey concluded that mental ill-health amongst workers is costing UK businesses billions every year, so employers are urged to recognise the impact of mental stress in the workplace as much as physical health.

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