Survey discovers 1 in 8 patients wait over a month for scan results

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9th August 2016 13:05 - Health

Survey discovers 1 in 8 patients wait over a month for scan results: According to a recent health survey by the Patients Association and the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) - which aimed to explore patients’ experiences of diagnostic imaging - approximately 1 in 8 patients are forced to wait for more than a month before receiving the results of a scan.Survey discovers 1 in 8 patients wait over a month for scan results

By 2020 the Government hopes that its target of 28 days from referral, to test, to result will be met in an effort to decrease the annual cancer death toll of 11,000.

In the research report, the survey results were used to chart patients’ actual experience of the referral to test result process. The survey results were also questioned about what they feel about the proposals described in the English Cancer Strategy, whereby it has been suggested that patients have online access to their test results.

In total, 624 patients took part in the survey which was conducted between October 2015 and April 2016. The participants all had experienced non-dental scans and x-rays in the United Kingdom in the prior two years.

Of the respondent, the majority (85 per cent) received their scan results within four weeks, however, the remaining 15 per cent claimed that they were made to wait for over a month to get their results.

The Royal College of Radiologists have estimated that 230,000 patients are waiting for more than a month to receive their results, of which 12,000 are waiting for the results of an MRI or CT scan, which are often undergone to diagnose cancer.

Of the patients, 41 per cent had their X-ray results explained to them by a hospital doctor and 29 per cent had them explained to them by their GP. However, 23 per cent said that they received no explanation of their scan and 67 per cent said they did not receive a written report with their scan results.

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