Survey finds holding a tarantula is more appealing than going to the dentist

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22nd February 2016 18:04 - Health

Of adults in the United Kingdom, 12 per cent said that they would rather hold a tarantula than visit the dentist.Survey finds holding a tarantula is more appealing than going to the dentist

A further 30 per cent said that they would rather clean a toilet than make a trip to their dentist and 14 per cent said the same of doing their tax returns.

According to the research – which was conducted by Oasis Dental Care, as part of the National Health Report 2015 – 33 per cent of the respondents who had ever gone to visit the dentist had felt scared before an appointment.

The survey revealed that the top reason why people are scared of the dentist is the idea that they may need to have a dental procedure, with 31 per cent of the respondents citing this as the reason they are terrified of visiting the dentist.

Head of Clinical Operations and a practising dentist at Oasis Dental Care, Eddie Coyle, said of the issue:

“A lot of people’s fears can come from a lack of trust, relinquishing control and the unknown. Visiting the dentist regularly helps to build up a rapport with your local clinic team, which is a big part of putting people at ease.”

Closely following possible dental procedures as the reason why people do not like going to the dentist was the use of needles and injections, with 30 per cent being put off the dentist because of this.

In joint third place, were bad childhood memories of the dentist and not liking having medical treatments in their mouth, with 22 per cent of people revealing that a bad experience has made them scared of the dentist.

The demographic most afraid of the dentist was those aged between 25 and 34, with 38 per cent admitting that they were scared of having a potential procedure performed on them.

With many people afraid of the dentist, some people resorted to performing DIY dentistry on themselves. Of the adults in the survey, 25 per cent said that they have treated themselves for toothache. The demographic most likely to treat their own toothache were those aged between 45 and 54 years old, with 30 per cent of respondents claiming to have done it themselves.

When looking at the bravest regions, the North East was found to be the bravest area when it came to visiting the dentist, with 43 per cent not being scared at all.

On the other hand, Yorkshire and the Humber were the region most afraid of the dentist, with 15 per cent admitting to being very scared before an appointment.

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