Survey reveals fall in levels of satisfaction among NHS hospital inpatients

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25th June 2019 14:36 - Health

Survey reveals fall in levels of satisfaction among NHS hospital inpatients: An annual survey of inpatients at NHS hospitals has revealed that satisfaction levels have fallen.  

The official survey of 76,000 patients, conducted at hospitals in England on behalf of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), found that one in ten inpatients felt they should have been taken into hospital care ‘a lot’ sooner than they were. This marked an increase from 10% the previous year and up from 8% in 2009.

As part of the CQC's annual inpatient survey, patients were also asked about the amount of time it took to get them onto a ward once admitted, with 16% saying they ‘definitely’ had to wait too long for a bed. This was up from 15% last year and from 9% a decade ago. 

When asked about how easy it was to get hospital staff to help them within a ‘reasonable’ amount of time, 59% said it was, while 32% said they didn’t feel they had enough support in helping them to wash.  A third (33%) also said that they did not think that hospital staff were doing all they could to manage any pain they were experiencing.

Looking at the emotional support given to inpatients, more than half (53%) said they always felt supported emotionally, while just over a third (37%) reported they could ‘definitely' find a staff member who could talk to them about their concerns or worries.

This year the number of patients who said they always had confidence in doctors and nurses fell to 79% and 78% respectively. 

Professor Ted Baker, the chief inspector of hospitals at the CQC said of the research: “Staff are working incredibly hard but it is clear that we have reached a point where this is not enough. The mounting pressure on the system is having a direct impact on how people are experiencing inpatient care.”

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