Three-quarters of clinicians are concerned about 'ticking timebomb' of cancer patients waiting for diagnosis or treatment due to Covid-19, finds survey

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24th March 2021 16:05 - Health

Three-quarters of clinicians are concerned about 'ticking timebomb' of cancer patients waiting for diagnosis or treatment, due to Covid-19: A survey of endoscopy clinicians has found that 74% are concerned about the likelihood of a ‘ticking timebomb’ of cancer patients waiting for diagnosis and treatment due to the postponement and cancellation of non-emergency care due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The European survey polling 308 endoscopy clinicians also found that almost eight in 10 clinicians (79%) report that endoscopy waiting times have 'significantly increased', during the pandemic, which they fear may result in cancers being further advanced when identified than they might have been if the cancers had been caught in pre-pandemic times.

The survey also found that more than three-quarters (76%) of clinicians polled said that endoscopy services are taking longer as a result of the extra measures put in place to prevent Covid-19 transmission, however more than half (56%) are still worried about the Covid-19 infection during an endoscopy procedure.

To help prevent infection, FujiFilm has developed a transnasal endoscopy solution and a new droplet reduction mouthpiece which can help protect healthcare professionals undertaking endoscopy from procedures throughout the pandemic.

Dr Edward J Despott, Clinical Lead of Endoscopy Services at the Royal Free Hospital in London, said:

"I am particularly concerned by the postponement and cancellation of non-urgent care and the impact this is having on patients. It is crucial to get endoscopies up and running again for the benefit of patients, but this has to be achieved in a safe way.”

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