Three-quarters of people in the UK rate the NHS highly for trust and confidence, reveals survey

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23rd July 2021 11:32 - Health

Three-quarters of people in the UK rate the NHS highly for trust and confidence: A recent survey has found that three-quarter of people in the UK rate the NHS highly for trust and confidence, with just 7% giving them a low mark. Furthermore, 72% rated their local GP highly, when it comes to trust and confidence.

In addition to health services, the poll of over 2,000 UK adults sought to review other public services, with 58% scoring the police highly for trust and confidence, and just under half scoring the national government highly.

Lower trust and confidence scores were recorded for retail outlets, with only a third of respondents rating mobile, broadband and utility providers highly for trust and confidence. Furthermore, when questioned about their trust and confidence in social media and messaging platforms, just 15% gave them a high score.

This is not the first year that the survey has been performed and the results were compared to that of the 2020 study. The participants were asked to rank on a scale of 0-5 the amount of trust they have in how companies and organisations store and use their data (‘0’ being no trust, and ‘5’ being a great deal of trust). Most participants, in both years, gave an answer of ‘3’, however more people in 2020 (45%) gave that score than in 2021 (43%). Furthermore, 30% of participants showed low levels of confidence in 2021, up from 28% in 2020.

When asked about their opinions on the protection of their personal data, over three quarters of respondents said it was essential. However, 18% remained neutral with just 5% of the opinion that protecting their personal data isn’t important.

Elizabeth Denham, an information commissioner, said: ‘At its core, data protection is about trust. Over the past five years, we have seen real growth in the number of people with high trust and confidence in how businesses and organisations process personal information.’

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