Top health related New Year’s resolution in America is drinking more water

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30th December 2014 15:13 - Health

Drinking enough water in 2015 is the chosen New Year’s resolution for nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of Americans, a survey commissioned by Council for Responsible Nutrition has found.

The survey of over 2000 adults in America has found that ranking behind drinking enough water, other resolutions for 2015 include:

2. Eating healthier (66 per cent)

3. Getting fit (62 per cent)

4. Getting enough sleep (49 per cent)

5. Taking vitamins (47 per cent)


However, ranking in the bottom five for most popular health related New Year’s resolutions were:

6.   Eating a healthy breakfast (37 per cent)

7.   Spending more time with family and friends, as opposed to communicating online (34 per cent)

8.   Avoiding road-rage in traffic (30 per cent)

9.   Avoiding getting ill by visiting the doctor sooner (23 per cent)

10. Using apps to monitor their diet plans (17 per cent)


During the survey, the participants were instructed to select all resolutions, which they would be adopting for 2015.

22 per cent of the respondents opted for “Other health and wellness habits”.

Just 8 per cent claimed to not be making any health and wellness commitments in the coming year.

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