Transgender youths attempting suicide at a rate of 50 per cent, Pace study finds

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25th November 2014 14:49 - Health

A four year survey by Pace has discovered that nearly half of the 2,000 transgender young people polled had tried to take their own life.

Pace, the mental health organization which helps gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, carried out the research alongside Brunel University, the University of Worcester and London South Bank University.

Of the respondents, 30 per cent said they had attempted suicide since 2013 and nearly 59 per cent had thought about committing suicide.

The study also found that 59 per cent of transgender youths had self-harmed. However, as few as 9 per cent of all youths aged 16-24 had self-harmed.

In comparison with the Adult Psychiatry Morbidity Survey, 6 per cent of young people aged 16-24 had tried to take their life.

Previous studies of suicide attempts of all age groups had lower figures in comparison by Pace’s 2014 study. In 2006, a study in the USA uncovered that over 3 in 10 (32 per cent) of transgender people had tried to commit suicide.

A previous study of transgender suicides in 2012 discovered that 35 per cent had attempted to kill themselves once, and a quarter had tried a second time.

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