VNAs are becoming a favoured method for medical image sharing, survey reveals

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26th January 2015 15:39 - Health

Although VNAs (vendor neutral archives) appear to be gaining popularity as a method of medical image sharing, they have not yet replaced picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).VNAs are becoming a favoured method for medical image sharing, survey reveals

The findings shine a light on a recent survey by SearchHealthIT, which questioned 110 health IT executives, managers and clinicians, to determine their plans to purchase VNAs and PACS.

The majority of participants, who took part in the survey in December 2014, revealed that they had 1 to 3 PACS in their workplace. A further 16.4 per cent claimed to have between 4 and 6 PACS, 8.2 per cent had 7 to 9 and 15.5 per cent revealed that they had 10 or more PACS in their organisation.

Of the participants, 42.7 per cent claimed that they do not own a VNA, whereas 21.8 per cent revealed that they actively use a VNA.

The findings of the survey also highlighted the challenges associated with using VNAs and PACS. For example, when looking at the technical problems presented by PACS, the survey revealed that 14.6 per cent of the participants had worries about the usability and user interface of the systems. Other technical problems, presented by PACS are: customer support, training and scalability (12.7 per cent), connectivity and analytic support.

Nearly three in ten of the participants (29.1%) claimed that they would like to learn more about the systems.

6.4 per cent admitted that they were going through the process of purchasing their first VNA.

Of the sample, 27 per cent claimed that they will always host their own VNA, whereas another proportion of the respondents claimed that they would contract a cloud vendor to host a VNA. A further 11.8 per cent claimed that they would employ a mixture of in-house VNA hosting and cloud outsourcing.

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