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Health Survey Finds Older Brits Habitually Eat Healthier than 18-30 Year Olds

6th June 2012 17:17

A new survey of 3,000 adults by PAGB, the UK trade association for over the counter medicines and food supplements, has provided insight into the eating habits of Britons. Regularly eating healthy food has been confirmed to have an age divide - nearly 50%… Read more...

Health Poll Sees Britons Struggling to Meet Five-A-Day Fruit & Veg Target

14th May 2012 16:46

The latest YouGov poll on behalf of the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has found that most Britons are failing to eat their five portions of fruit and vegetables a day as recommended by The Department of Health. In total, just one in five respondents out… Read more...

Poll Measures UK Publics Food Concerns

28th January 2012 16:25

The latest consumer survey by the FSA has revealed that when it comes to food, the British public now worries more about high prices than hygiene. A total of 60% of the Britons polled said price hikes on food is the issue they’re most concerned about,… Read more...

Survey Highlights Damage Done by One in Three Brits Going Into Work When Sick

18th January 2012 17:16

Market research conducted on 1,600 Britons by the Nuffield Health charity has discovered that one third of UK employees soldier into work despite being sick - for fear of losing their job. This figure of cold-ridden workers is attributed to the current poor… Read more...

Poll Reveals Top 10 Fibs That Female Dieters Tell

7th January 2012 17:55

In line with January being a popular time to shed the excess weight that the festive season brought, market research commissioned by watch manufacturer Timex has revealed the Top 10 lies that British women tell when dieting. The Timex survey of 3,000 British… Read more...

Poll Shows British Love of Takeaways But Points to Health and Money Implications

14th December 2011 18:05

According to the Benenden Healthcare Society poll of 2,000 respondents conducted recently, the average Briton will eat an average of 46 takeaway dishes each year, amounting to a spend of £17,250. The study further revealed that most people in the UK… Read more...

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