57% of manufacturing leaders are not comfortable with making their business fully digital, reveals survey

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18th February 2022 01:14 - Industrial

57% of manufacturing leaders are not comfortable with making their business fully digital: A recent survey into the progression of the manufacturing industry has revealed that 57% of leaders in the sector would not feel confident in making their business completely digital. Furthermore, it was uncovered that over half lack the required skills needed to move the industry away from being paper based.

The study, by Gain Line, polled 1,000 senior managers and directors in the manufacturing sector in an attempt to understand the development and growth of technology in the industry.

Alongside many workers not having the required skills to use new technology, other obstacles were highlighted during the study; including not having enough time to train their staff properly  (27%) or enough money to purchase the actual technology.

In addition, the resistance from those in more senior positions was cited as a barrier to including more technology in the industry (47%).

Although there are many obstacles preventing manufacturers from using more technology, many companies have committed to going fully digital. Of those businesses, 58% say they have saved money due to the changes.

When asked about other benefits to going completely technological, 56% said it had improved morale amongst the workers, with an extra 52% saying they had seen an increase in revenue.

Some companies are on the way to becoming fully digital, according to the polling, with four in 10 stating they have moved many of their services from paper to digital. However, 61% say they will never get to the level of making all operations digital.

Jonathan Ward, commercial director for Gain Line, said: “There are lots of options for manufacturing businesses to help them go digital including hiring digital apprentices, sending employees on training courses, applying for digital grants and seeking help from a digital transformation specialist.”

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