85% of manufacturers see it as their duty to promote staff wellbeing, reveals survey

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4th February 2020 12:54 - Industrial

85% of manufacturers see it as their duty to promote staff wellbeing: A new survey of manufacturers has found that health and wellbeing within the workplace is becoming increasingly important, with 85% of manufacturing bosses surveyed believing it is their duty to help promote the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. 

The Health and Wellbeing report by Make UK found that of those manufacturers who had invested in the wellbeing of their workforce, more than 90% reported seeing productivity increase as well as improvements overall to relations between staff. 

The survey found that more than 90% of workplaces are investing in occupational health (OH) services for staff, including mental health first-aiders, health screening  and counselling. 

It also found that employers in manufacturing are well-equipped to support staff who are returning to work after illness, with more than six in ten offering workplace adjustments, and around half offering staff support from OH services. 

When it comes to employees who are signed off with longer-term sickness, the survey found that more than 80% of employers offer voluntary sickness pay, with a further 80% offering phased returns to work and flexible working. 

The main reason given for not offering OH to employees was that there was 'too little demand' (37%), followed by a poor experience of OH in the past (28%), no internal budget for the service (19%) or a lack of knowledge about which OH services to buy (19%). 

Of those companies who do employ OH services, 83% said they use OH to 'inform decisions on making workplace adjustments for employees' while 76% use it to offer periodical health screening for their staff. More than three quarters (77%) said they use OH to inform future decisions about the future employment of the long-term sick. 

Looking at attitudes towards the health and wellbeing of staff, the survey found that 100% of manufacturers offer training for line managers to help improve wellbeing. It also found that 43% had invested between £5,000 and 20,000 in wellbeing and wellness programmes or services.

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