87% of mining businesses say their cyber-security could be stronger, according to poll

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27th June 2019 17:21 - Industrial

87% of mining businesses say their cyber-security could be stronger: A survey of businesses across the mining sector has revealed that the majority (87%) believe that their processes to thwart cyber attacks could be more robust. Slightly fewer respondents (84%) also said that more could be done within their company to prevent the mishandling of data. More than three-quarters (79%) said that introducing Industry Internet of Things solutions (IIoT) is essential if they want to have an advantage over competitors.

The 2018 survey found that although respondents were aware of potential cyber security threats they have done little to safeguard IIoT, with just 22% investing in the latest technologies.

Conducted by Inmarsat, the research polled 125 businesses affiliated with the mining industry and set out to understand how IIoT is 'affecting the global supply chain and the way in which the mining industry, as well as other sectors operate'.

It found that the mining industry is only in the early stages of IIoT adoption with just 2% of respondents having fully deployed an IIoT solution. Just over two-thirds (69%) said they were planning to triall IIoT solutions within the next two years, while 29% are currently in the process of doing so.

Lack of skills 

The poll found that only 9% of respondents said their business had the required skills for a successful IIoT strategy, with 59% saying that lack of skills has been a barrier to adopting it.  The survey also asked respondents about the additional specific skills their businesses needed to deliver IIoT based solutions, with 70% citing security skills as a top priority. This was followed by analytical/data science skills (55%), planning skills (53%) and management skills (45%).

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