97% of organisations experienced supply chain delays in 2021, finds survey

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9th March 2022 15:58 - Industrial

97% of organisations experienced supply chain delays in 2021: A survey of supply chain decision makers has revealed that the vast majority experienced delays to their organisation’s supply chain in 2021. And when asked about priorities for 2022, supply chain was cited as a priority by almost two-thirds of companies.

The Blue Yonder research polled 250 supply chain decision makers, finding that that in 2021, 59% had experienced customer delays, while other factors affecting supply chain included 'stalled production' (44%), and 'staff shortages' (40%).

The survey also asked respondents about their greatest concerns for the future, with 37% saying they were worried about the long-term impact of the global pandemic on supply chains, and a quarter having concerns about the impact of Brexit (24%). Around a fifth of respondents (19%) said they were concerned about the pressure to be more sustainable, while others had concerns over the changing regulatory landscape (12%) and a lack of investment (7%).

Mitigating risk

The survey found that in response to the disruption faced over the course of the pandemic, organisations are now invested in doing all they can to mitigate risk, with 83% reporting that they have increased investment in supply chain over the last 12 months. For 11% of the companies polled, that investment has been upwards of $24million.

When asked about how they have invested, 86% said they had invested in technology, while six in 10 have invested in developing new skills and defining a new supply chain strategy.

More than half the organisations polled (58%) also said they have invested in the sustainability of the supply chain.

Future tech for reducing supply chain disruption

Two-thirds of businesses polled said that they would be in a better position to manage supply chain disruption if they had the ability to view and manage the supply chain from end-to end, while other answers given when asked about the technology that would help them best in reducing disruption, included advancements in AI technology (53%), new types of delivery options such as drones and robots (43%), and technology that specifically targeted better workforce management (42%).

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