Market Research Reveals Ups and Downs of Britains Manufacturing Sector

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2nd July 2012 15:59 - Industrial

The UK manufacturing sector is continuing to experience fluctuations, according to a new survey published today. 

While study indexes have shown certain rebound factors within the manufacturing industry, overall is has contracted for the second straight month in June.

Concern over this is fuelling expectations that the Bank of England will inject more cash into the struggling economy to counterbalance the precarious situation.

Economists have given their opinion on the state of the volatile manufacturing sector currently:

Jens Larsen of RBC commented: "I was a little surprised that it rebounded that strongly. But it does remain in contractionary territory. The rebound in new orders is good. The rebound in export orders is helpful. But overall it still does not look like a shining recovery. Manufacturing will almost certainly contract on the quarter because of the holidays. And the weakness of euro zone does not bode well for an internationally exposed sector."

Philip Shaw of Investec added: "This month's numbers are less poor than the May figures but with the overall index and the new orders component still below 50 there is only a modest amount of comfort that one can take from the survey. It still seems that the manufacturing sector is contracting and the bounce back in the index does not detract at all for the case for more quantitative easing on Thursday."

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