Nearly half manufacturing companies looking to improve cybersecurity around IoT, according to survey

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9th March 2021 18:23 - Industrial

Nearly half manufacturing companies looking to improve cybersecurity around IoT: A survey of manufacturing companies in the UK, US, China, Japan and Germany has found that following a year of Covid-19, more than half (48%) are looking to prioritise improving cybersecurity around IoT and embedded systems/devices.

PwC's COO Pulse Survey looked at the experiences over the past year of manufacturing companies in order to ascertain what the future of manufacturing might look like. It polled 585 large companies, asking them about their future plans and priorities.

Companies were asked about the areas of the business that need the most cyber security improvement, with almost half (48%) saying IoT and embedded systems and devices, while 36% said R&D and planning tools and facilities, and a third said manufacturing facilities, plant and equipment (33%)

The survey also asked companies across a broad section of sectors which manufacturing platforms, new systems and technologies they will focus on in the next 6 months and over the next 2 years, with 70% saying they are looking to invest in IoT. Six in 10 (59%) said they would like to invest in public and private cloud, while 51% said robotic process automation.

Looking at the different sectors within manufacturing, 87% of aerospace and defence companies polled said they would be prioritising 'IoT', followed by industrial manufacturing and equipment (74%) and electronics and technology (71%). Engineering and construction (69%), consumer goods (67%) and automotive (64%) were also keen to prioritise IoT.

The survey also looked at the changing priorities of consumers due to Covid-19, which have prompted manufacturers to transform the way they work. Respondents were asked which changes in B2B and B2C customer needs will have the greatest impact on their business, with 52% saying greater use of digital channels, nearly two-fifths saying 'use of omni-channel shopping and 38% saying 'digitally enabled connected products'.

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