Slower growth in domestic and export sales has impacted Scottish manufacturing firms

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27th October 2014 17:13 - Industrial

A recent British Chambers of Commerce survey has revealed a decline in manufacturing development in the UK. 

This year, a large broadening of the sample took place within the third-quarter survey as business and financial companies were included in the sample. In past surveys of this kind, tourism and retail were focused on above other sectors.

By altering the results to give larger firms a greater focus, as well as subtracting the respondents who noted a decline from the findings, the survey showed that domestic sales and orders had risen by 9% and 11% for Scottish manufacturers.

These results show a contrast with that of the second quarter, which found an increase of 50% and 48%. This drastic imbalance signals a quick decline in Scottish manufacturers’ sales and orders in the market of the UK.

The finding also highlight that the development of domestic sales and orders in the third quarter were considerably slower in Scotland than the UK.

The survey showed that in the third quarter, balances of 20% and 15% of Scottish manufacturers export sales and orders rose in the third quarter. However, in the second quarter, these percentages were significantly higher at 23% and 39%. This alerts to a fast decrease in the growth of export business.

Manufacturing export orders rose at a greater rate in Scotland than the UK overall, according to the third quarter survey. However, manufacturing export sales rose marginally faster in the UK overall than in Scotland.

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