72% of business leaders say their companies have started to use mobile technology and cloud, reveals survey

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23rd June 2022 16:26 - Information Technology

72% of business leaders say their companies have started to use mobile technology and cloud: A recent study into which technologies are most prominently used by businesses has found that 72% have adopted mobile technology and cloud. Furthermore, almost half (48%) are using IoT (Internet of Things); the third most used technology, according to the polling.
The study by BluQube polled UK business leaders and uncovered the most used technologies in UK business. The survey also found that just 13% of business leaders use robotics and interoperable systems.
When looking at the reasons behind using new types of technology, 65% cited ‘improved efficiency’ as a key factor; with 44% saying it ‘saved them money. In addition, 39% said the move to a more digital way of working helped with their customers’ experience.
There have been some big changes in the type and amount of technology used, according to the research, with 76% saying they sped up digital development due to the pandemic. Furthermore, 36% of business leaders said that the introduction of new technologies has helped with remote or hybrid working.
Improved sustainability was cited as a key benefit by 36% of business leaders, with 32% saying improved transparency is a main factor in adopting a more digital way of working. In addition, 27% of business leaders found their employee engagement increased when using more technologies.
Augmented reality is a relatively new technology, however, more than a fifth (21%) of business leaders said they have started to use it in their business. Furthermore, artificial intelligence and machine learning have seen an increase in use, with three in 10 saying they are now using the technologies.
Simon Kearsley, Chief Executive of BluQube, said: “By using the right innovative technologies to automate and streamline time-consuming, repetitive tasks, businesses can unlock the true potential of their staff, and free up team time and headspace to focus on the more strategic tasks.”

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