82 percent of Indian IT leaders worry about outdated IT infrastructure, survey finds

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8th November 2017 17:04 - Information Technology

82 percent of Indian IT leaders worry about outdated IT infrastructure, survey finds

82 percent of Indian IT leaders worry about outdated IT infrastructure, survey finds: A survey conducted by US IT company, Riverbed, asked respondents about how they thought their company’s current IT infrastructure is affecting their productivity. 

‘The Future of Networking Global Survey 2017’ figures revealed that over four fifths (82%) believed that older hardware components and software applications are restricting their company to effectively use cloud technologies.

Additionally, due to a lack of funding, IT workers and tech companies in India are unable to experience the benefits of cloud technology and respondents listed the following benefits of upgrading to software-defined networks:

Out 1,000 IT leaders:

·       48% said it would contribute to more efficient bandwidth utilisation;

·       47% said it would increase productivity;

·       46% said there would be greater opportunities for expansion;

·       45% said it would help increase revenue.

Furthermore, under half (44%) of respondents said that cloud technologies would give their company greater agility, create more successful digital initiatives and better cloud app performance.

The survey also revealed that India was the top country concerned about outdated networks, followed by the United States and Brazil.

Another survey conducted by Gartner, revealed that over one fifth of 65 Indian executives said they were more worried about skills and resources, than their IT infrastructure.  

Nonetheless, due to a lack of funding, IT decision makers remain under pressure to implement more modern technologies. Statistics from Riverbed show the number of IT decision makers globally with budget pressures across the following sectors:

·       Retail: 75%

·       IT services and support: 75%

·       Manufacturing: 74%

·       Energy and Utilities: 73%

·       Financial: 63%

To further to survey’s findings, the report stated: “The legacy network infrastructures that have served as the backbone of enterprise connectivity in years past simply can’t provide visibility, speed, security and flexibility that modern applications and workloads demand.”

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