A quarter of businesses have had their systems hacked for more than a fortnight

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22nd April 2015 15:22 - Information Technology

A survey by Intel Security has found that approximately 25 per cent of UK businesses have been hacked for more than two weeks after they were A quarter of businesses have had their systems hacked for more than a fortnightinitially hit.

The findings also showed that after finding a threat, 39 per cent of UK people in the IT industry took between two weeks and three months to respond and remove the threat.

The survey of 700 people employed within IT and security roles also found that slow responses were attributed to a lack of integration between companys’ security tools by 78 per cent of the respondents.

CTO of Intel Security, Raj Samani, said of the survey findings: “It’s worrying to see that companies in the UK and globally are losing out on critical time in the initial onset of an attack. Immediate action is crucial. Hackers don’t hang around - as soon as they identify a vulnerability within a corporate network, they will be working to spread this as far as possible throughout the enterprise, wreaking havoc and compromising data along the way.”

Samani went on to claim that once a cyber-attack has started, IT experts have just one hour in which they need to detect and stop a cyber-attack from happening. He also warned that the security industry needs to close the gap on responding to cyber-threats.

The UK was not the only country with slow response times, France also were slow to detect cyber-attacks, with a quarter admitting to taking more than a fortnight.

In the USA, 35 per cent of the respondents took at least a fortnight to detect a threat.

Security professionals also cited the need for improved analytics to get more insight into their networks as an issue (39 per cent), as well as a shortage of security skills (80 per cent).

Samani said of the findings: “Investing in training to ensure the company’s security team has the expertise to deal with a threat is crucial. Meanwhile, automating processes and ensuring security tools are synced across the network is a key way to ensure companies are able to act fast in their ‘golden hour’ of an online attack.”

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