A third of social media users don’t trust apps with their data after concerns about data security, reveals survey

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22nd April 2021 15:30 - Information Technology

social mediaA third of social media users don’t trust apps with their data after concerns about data security: A survey has revealed that 33% of people who use social media platforms have security concerns when it comes to the apps they use.

The survey of 1,000 social media users from the UK, US and Australia, was performed by the University of Sydney and aimed to uncover what people’s opinions are about data security on social media.

When asked about the lack of control they have on their data, more than a fifth (22%) of the participants stated they felt they had little control over their data on Facebook; while 14% expressed concerns about the same subject on Twitter.

Facebook users were also found to be most affected by targeted advertisements (65%), while just 17.2% said these did not bother them at all.  More than two-fifths (44.8%) of participants expressed concerns about advertisements on TikTok. Targeted ads were not an issue for 41% of LinkedIn users, according to the research, with 42.5% Snapchat uses saying the same.

Generational concerns

The survey found that different generations have varying concerns about their data security. Two thirds of 55–75-year-olds expressed greater concerns about their data security on Facebook, whereas, 70% of 40–55-year-olds showed more concerns over how TikTok handles their data. Furthermore, over half of 25–40-year-olds stated they had concerns about their data on Instagram.

Security risks

Of the 1,000 participants surveyed, 65.9% stated they were concerned about security risks on Facebook, with the next highest social media platform being TikTok with 59%. Furthermore, 37% of participants reported that they had seen their accounts hacked, with 57.3% saying their Facebook account had been compromised. LinkedIn had the least hacked or compromised accounts (10.9%), with TikTok and YouTube close behind on 11.7% and 11.9% respectively.

These figures might explain why the participants expressed more concerns about Facebook than any other social media site.

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