Access to the internet is considered a “basic human right”, survey finds

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25th November 2014 15:38 - Information Technology

A global survey by CIGI-Ipsos Global, which surveyed people from 24 countries on Internet Security and Trust, has found that internet access is considered a “basic human right” to 83 per cent of respondents.

It was also found that, of the 83 per cent, the highest number of people who believed that internet access should be a basic human right were from a country with a past of authoritarian rule.

In Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria and Tunisia, 92 per cent of those surveyed agreed that internet access should be a human right. Similarly, in China, 9 in 10 said they also agreed.

It was also found that over 4 in 5 (83 per cent) of the total respondents believed that the internet made a big impact on their future. Specifically, 92 per cent of Nigerian respondents agreed and 72 per cent of Canadians agreed.

In terms of online privacy, two thirds of the global respondents were more worried than they were last year.

When asked how worried they were about their online privacy, 46 per cent of Latin Americans, Middle Easterns and Africans were “much more concerned”, whilst less than 1 in 5 (18 per cent) of Europeans and just over 1 in 5 (23 per cent) of North Americans felt the same.

However, nearly half (48 per cent) of the global respondents believed that their governments were doing a “good job” of preserving their online security.

Most sceptical about how private their information was online were the Germans, with only 15 per cent of them believing that their information online was “very secure”.

On the other hand, Nigerians were the most trusting of the internet with 58 per cent believing that their information was “very secure” online.

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