Almost half of developers don’t have a computer science degree, survey finds

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15th April 2015 12:16 - Information Technology

A recent survey of 26,086 developers, from 157 countries, has found that nearly half of developers do not have a degree in computer science. Almost half of developers don’t have a computer science degree, survey finds

The survey – entitled The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015 – found that 41.8 per cent of respondents were self-taught. A further 37.7 per cent had a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in computer science, 18.4 per cent had a Master’s degree, 36.7 per cent had been trained on-the-job and 17.8 per cent had taken online classes.

The report said: "There are many ways to learn how to code. Forty-eight per cent of respondents never received a degree in computer science, 33 per cent of respondents never took a computer science university course. System administrators are most likely to be self-taught (52 per cent). Enterprise level services developers are most likely to have an industry certification (13 per cent)."

Of the respondents, 6,800 individuals said that they were full-stack developers, 1,900 were mobile developers, 1,200 were front-end developers and 12,000 identified themselves as something else.

Of the technologies cited in the report, the most popular were JavaScript, SQL, Java, C# and PHP.

The report said of the field: "In the United States, nearly 40 per cent of doctors have 10+ years of professional experience. By contrast, only about 25 per cent of developers worldwide have more than 10 years coding experience. Most of those veteran developers have probably been coding professionally much shorter than that."

When looking at the demographics of the respondents, the average age of a developer was 28.9 years. In the US, the average as was 31.6 years old and in India, the average age was 25 years.

Supporting the view that there is a lack of women working in the technology sectors, 92.1 per cent of the respondents were male, meaning that just 7.9 per cent were female.

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey also found that 36 per cent of developers love their jobs and 40.4 per cent are somewhat satisfied. A further 1.9 per cent hated their jobs.

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