Apple Macs supported more than PCs in the office, research report reveals

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10th December 2015 11:30 - Information Technology

According to a recent research report by JAMF Software, the levels of support for Apple’s Mac hardware is growing, with 96 per cent of the IT Apple Macs supported more than PCs in the office, research report revealsprofessionals questioned revealing that their team supports Mac. As well as this, 81 per cent of the 500 IT professionals in the survey support iPad and 84 per cent support iPhone.

The survey respondents were found to realise the benefits of converting to an Apple Mac computer. In comparison with PCs, the respondents claimed that the switch to a Mac may improve productivity, team engagement and a decrease in costs associated with IT. The findings support IBM’s revelations that converting from a PC to a Mac would result in a saving of £177 per user ($270, AU$373).

The market research also revealed that three quarters of the survey respondents claimed that Macs are more secure than PCs.

As mentioned above, the respondent revealed that business’ support for Macs is higher than that of PCs. The survey revealed that 92 per cent of IT professionals’ teams support PCs and just 28 per cent support Chromebooks. As well as this, support for Windows tablets is 46 per cent.

Whilst the report contained figures for support, it did not reveal figures about the adoption and deployment rates.

When exploring why people prefer Macs, it was found that 64 per cent would choose a Mac because Apple products are easier to manage in comparison with other PCs.

Chief Executive Officer of JAMF Software, Dean Hager, said in an interview with reporters from ComputerWorld:

"While a lot of the attention of Apple's success has been on its iOS devices, the survey results also show that Mac will continue to replace the PC at an unprecedented rate because it empowers users to be creative, productive, and happier in their jobs."

The survey revealed that IT departments are not alone in their preference for Apple support, deployment and management. Home users of Macs are also electing to use a Mac in the office because of their familiarity with them from using them personally.

JAMF Software Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, David Alampi, said to ComputerWorld:

"As organizations continue to implement user choice programs, more and more employees are choosing Apple devices for work because this is what they prefer in their everyday lives,

"As a result, Apple is seeing increased adoption in the enterprise because employees demand Apple."

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