Cyberbullying A Part of Everyday Life For Britain's Young People

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24th October 2013 10:36 - Information Technology

New research carried out by the Anti-Bullying Alliance has found that more than half of children and young people in England accept that cyberbullying is a part of everyday life. These findings underline the struggle that many families face trying to protect their children on the internet. Parents and teachers alike both agree that they are not well enough equipped to deal with the increasing problem.

Almost half of the parents taking part in the study (49%) complained that the amount of access their child has to the internet makes it extremely hard for them to monitor their behaviour online, with fifty one per cent saying this makes them fearful of their child’s safety. Forty per cent of those parents admitted that they wouldn’t actually know how to respond if their child fell victim to cyberbullies, they also confessed that they wouldn’t know how to go about setting up filters on computers to protect their children.

The study highlights the growing concern for online safety to be taught in schools. Both teachers (69%) and pupils (40%) alike are calling for it to be included in the national curriculum. It’s thought to be one of the biggest issues facing young people today with the Anti-Bullying Alliance calling for the Government to ensure it is taught in all schools as part of the national curriculum.

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