Digital Survey Reveals Worrying Trend of Screenaholics

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19th February 2013 15:40 - Information Technology


Although everyone knows that technology is increasingly a must-have, a survey by Halifax has revealed some shocking statistics when it comes to the extent of how much time people spend staring at a screen.

The first-ever ‘Halifax Insurance Digital Home Index’ results demonstrated that the average UK child ‘born today’ will spend as much as quarter of their life spanning to 80 years old viewing ‘non-work-related screen technology’, not counting the increasing reliance on computer devices in the workplace.

Other worrying findings were that currently, 73% of Britons admit that they would ‘struggle’ to last a day without technology devices such as laptops, smartphones and music players. Furthermore, 23% of the respondents claimed they would feel ‘uneasy or worried’ over switching off their products at any time, and 19% said they would never switch of their gadgets for fear of ‘missing out’.

The study also found that 45% of the surveyants use their devices to communicate with friends and family even though they’re in the same house.

In addition, 74% (equating to 35 million people) check their gadgets before they start work every morning, while 25% are glued to a screen in their beds and 10% do so in the bathroom. A further 9% also use their mobile phones during mealtimes, with the figure doubling for respondents in the 18-24 demographic.

Psychologist Dr Aric Sigman, one of the survey researchers, commented: “As the amount of time spent looking at a screen or plugging in increases, the amount of time spent on direct eye-to-eye contact and developing real-life relationships inevitably decreases… We have to remind ourselves that technology should be a tool, not a burden or obstruction, and at the moment it seems the tail is wagging the dog.”

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