European Study Finds Britons Leading the Way in Mobile Gaming

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30th April 2012 17:01 - Information Technology

A survey of the UE5 market - England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – has shown that the UK ranks highest for mobile gaming in terms of uptake and frequency.

While the amount of people in Europe playing games on their mobile at least once a month has increased by 55% (equating to 46.2 million), British smartphone users were found to be the most active gamers with a majority of 52% (14.2 million) accessing games on their mobile during February, and 16.4% doing so “almost every day”.

In contrast, France was found to be the EU5 country with the least mobile gaming engagement - only 27.2% of their smartphone population played a game in February, with only 7.4% doing so daily.

The study also looked into the emerging social gaming market. It discovered that 6.1 million European smartphone users logged in via Facebook on their phones in February, representing 13.2% and a rise of 42% since the same survey took place six months ago.

Italy is leading the way for social gaming, with 15.5% of Italians logging in to Facebook via email in February. The UK ranks second with 14.2% connecting and playing with friends using their mobile phone.

Industry experts have said that the key to uptake of mobile gaming compared to social gaming is the ability to play on a downloadable app to remove reliance on the Internet, so that games can be played in “idle time”.

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