Frontline workers say technology can help reduce their stress, reveals survey

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16th January 2022 15:50 - Information Technology

Frontline workers say technology can help reduce their stress: A survey of frontline workers around the world has found that technology is the third most desirable factor when considering reducing their stress, after better wages and paid time off. 

The survey, which polled around 9,900 employees and managers who work in frontline positions in a variety of industries, found that more than half the workers surveyed do not feel valued in the workplace (51%), with 56% saying that workplace leaders are not making the culture in their place of work an important priority. 

The Work Trend Index report also revealed that a third of workers and managers feel they are not set up with the correct tools to enable them to work effectively.

When asked about the type of technology frontline workers would like to see to make their job more enjoyable and reduce levels of stress, responses included 'tech that automates tasks', 'provides remote assistance' and helps them to 'communicate effectively with their colleagues'.

More training needed

Amongst the workers who are provided with tools to help them with their role, more than half said they were not given any training around how to use them (55%) and 46% are fearful that if they don't learn how to use them quickly, they may lose their job. 

Kristina Behr, Microsoft’s vice president of product management for frontline workers and industry, said: "Frontline workers are the face of your business. Making sure that they are empowered and equipped with the optimal tools is vitally important for success. If it’s frustrating for you to use the tools, your whole job is frustrating."

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