Global Market Research Finds Professionals Trust the Cloud for Securing Data

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9th August 2012 16:44 - Information Technology

A global survey on behalf of Thales e-Security, which questioned 4,000 professionals from the UK, US, France, Germany, Australia, Japan and Brazil, has discovered that almost 50% of organisations now opt for cloud-based services when it comes to sensitive and confidential information.

The "Encryption in the Cloud" study also found that companies approach the encrypting of data in the cloud very differently however.

While around 38% of the respondents said their organisations rely on encryption of data as it's transferred (typically via the Internet), 35% said they encrypt data before it's transmitted to their cloud provider, 27% perform encryption within the cloud environment, 16% selectively encrypt data at the application layer, and 11% trust their cloud provider to encrypt their stored data as a service.

Overall, the survey report concluded: "Companies with the characteristics that indicate a strong overall security posture appear to be more likely to transfer sensitive or confidential information to the cloud environment than companies that appear to have a weaker overall security posture."

"In other words, companies that understand security appear to be willing and able to take advantage of the cloud. This finding appears to be at odds with the common suggestion that more security-aware organisations are the more sceptical of cloud security and that it is the less security-aware organisations that are willing to overlook a perceived lack of security."

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