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11th September 2012 17:19 - Information Technology

A study that looked into the way modern society in 61 countries has been influenced by the web has discovered that its impact has been strongest in Sweden.

The World Wide Web Foundation, which conducted the research, based their global rankings for each country´s performance on seven different factors, including communication infrastructure, institutional infrastructure, web content, web use, political impact, economic impact and social impact.

In second place on the Web Index survey was the US, scoring 97.3%, followed by the UK in third position with a total ranking of 93.8%. When it comes to frequency of use, the UK took sixth place, however Britain ranks highest in terms of content.

Furthermore, the research revealed that the World Wide Web is used by a third of the world´s population. Its adoption is lowest globally in Africa, with just one in six people having Internet access. One of the main obstacles to a more universal adoption of the web is expensive broadband.

In addition, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web, commented that a major challenge to the future of the web is different forms of censorship and attempts to suppress free speech.

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