Global Study Finds Personal Devices Boost Job Productivity

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8th January 2013 16:57 - Information Technology

According to a global survey bymanagement consulting firm Accenture of 11,000 consumers across 11 countries, people are increasingly keen on BYOD (bring your own device) in the workplace.

Almost60% of the consumers who took part in the study feel that videoconferencing and using social collaboration tools on their personal devices boosts their productivity.

In addition, multifunction technology, which allows users to perform numerous activities on a single device, is becoming increasingly popular over single function devices.

While 41% of the respondents said they planned to buy a smartphone within the year and 36% reported the same about purchasing a PC, only 10% claimed they would be getting a Blu-ray player and only 9% an eBook reader in 2013.

The market research also discovered that use of multifunction devices for work purposes are rapidly on the rise – 82% of the surveyants regularly send job related text messages and 66% send work related emails on their smartphone.

Tablets were also found to be on the rise in the workplace – 39% of the respondents reported visiting work-based social networks and 25% conduct job-related video conferences using their tablet device.

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