Global Survey Finds UK Workers Worry about Email Monitoring More Than Most

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8th December 2011 16:13 - Information Technology

A study by Dell and Intel which looked at people’s response to tech in the workplace has found that Britons fear their work email is being monitored by their employers more than most other countries.

In total, 41% of the UK employees surveyed believe their work email is being monitored, compared to 34% in the US and 16% in Germany. The global figure stood at 28%.

The survey of 11 countries measured employee perception, however it is not known what percentage of companies actually do monitor email.

Additionally, the study found that UK workers are the most "constrained" by their bosses when it comes to in-office downloads, since 37% of staff are not allowed to download their own software compared to 57% of workers globally.

It was also discovered that UK workers have the least freedom to choose which devices they utilise at work, with only 37% saying they are allowed to pick their hardware.

Executive Director for European Marketing at Dell, Bryan Jones, responded to these survey findings by saying that not permitting employees to use apps that are convenient to them hurts efficiency and could also potentially hurt future innovation.

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