International Survey Shows Rise in Home Wi-Fi

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22nd June 2012 12:20 - Information Technology

Global market research has found that more than 439 million households around the world now have a Wi-Fi-based home network – this equates to over 25% of all households across the world.

South Korea was revealed to have had the highest Wi-Fi household penetration out of any other country in 2011 at just over 80%. This is due to the fact that their current broadband network is ubiquitously extensive.

This was followed by the UK at 73.3% of households having a Wi-Fi network, then France and Germany at 70%. The US measured at 61% in 2011.

To date however, China has the highest number of Wi-Fi households in the world, followed by USA and Japan.

It is predicted that by 2016, the total worldwide number of homes with a Wi-Fi network will have grown to nearly 800 million, measuring a global market penetration rate of 42%.

The main thrust of this growth is expected to come from China, with experts saying that their large population size will mean an addition of another 110 million Wi-Fi households by 2016.

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