Major Brands Change Last-Click-Wins Strategy to Enhance Online Rewards

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9th March 2011 16:29 - Information Technology

Advertising body ISBA has released the results of their annual Digital Action Group survey, which demonstrates that brands are set to significantly reallocate their digital ad budgets this year to expand their online rewards strategy.

The ISBA market research showed that attribution measurement is now the top priority for brands in 2011 as they look to develop their online reward channels. The traditional last-click-wins approach is to be replaced in favour of a more accurate models gain ground through advancements in tracking technology.

Head of ISBA’s Digital Action Group and Head of Digital Marketing at the Post Office, Alex Tait, commented: “More than ever, advertisers are realising that rewarding just the provider of the last click doesn’t make a lot of sense... As digital channels have matured, from being the converter to a way of reaching new audiences, this older world of direct response is colliding with other media and calls for a more holistic way of understanding the customer’s journey.”

Major brands such as Boden, British Airways, John Lewis, Sony and Virgin Atlantic are now actively evolving their online rewards model as they reassess the influence of each stage of the consumer buying process.

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