Malaysians Becoming Increasingly Socially Engaged, Study Shows

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25th September 2014 10:58 - Information Technology

According to recent research, Malaysians have become one of the most socially engaged markets in the world.

According to the study’s findings, more than three fifths (62%) of Internet users in Malaysia access their social media accounts on a daily basis - one fifth more than the global average (42%). In addition, that majority of Malaysians (52%) said they use instant messaging every day.

For more than one third of Malaysians, their mobile phone is the first face they see in the morning, with 35% of the survey’s respondents admitting they reach for their mobile phone before they even get out of bed, with a similar percentage (34%) saying they use their phone at night, in bed, before they go to sleep.

This handset obsession equates to around four and a half hours of leisure time for Internet users in Malaysia spent on their phone every day.

Around three fifths (59%) of Malaysian Internet users said they spend most of their time on social media channels, with a similar proportion (58%) frequently using their mobile phone to send personal emails.

The survey’s findings discovered that almost nine in 10 (88%) Malaysian Internet users visit Facebook weekly, with almost half (48%) electing it their favourite social platform. In terms of weekly users, YouTube (76%), WhatsApp (72%), Facebook Messenger (71%), WeChat (61%) and Google+ (52%) also featured highly among Malaysian Internet users’ preferred channels. Other platforms with reasonable weekly user levels include: Line (43%), Instagram (36%), Skype (36%), Twitter (30%), Yahoo! Messenger (30%), Viber (21%), LinkedIn (16%), Tumblr (16%) and Snapchat (12%).

Social media isn’t the only reason Malaysians go online though, more than three fifths (62%) use the Internet to watch on-demand videos, with almost half (47%) streaming music or radio every week and just over two fifths (44%) watching paid TV or movies online every week.

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