Market Research Demonstrates Lack of Employee Compliance with IT Security

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20th September 2012 15:37 - Information Technology

A pan-European study by IT company Imation has shown how employees respond and comply with security policies in the workplace.

The poll, which took a sample of 1,000 workers in Germany, France and the UK, found that Germans, true to their rule-bound stereotype, are most likely to follow the IT security protocols laid out by their company when working remotely.

Britons were less likely to stick to security rules - in total, 50% of Germans said they always follow company rules for remote access, compared to just over a third in the UK.

In addition, only 6% of Germans admitted ignoring security rules completely despite being aware of them, in contrast to almost a fifth in the UK.

Meanwhile; French workers were found to be the least up to speed, since a quarter said they weren't even aware what the remote working security protocols in their workplace are.

The researchers suggested that confusion over IT security policies might explain why a third of businesses across all three countries have banned employees using 'Bring Your Own Technology’ (BYOD) while at work, and why 71% of French surveyants rated this 'consumerisation trend’ as a concern for IT.

Other areas of worry when it comes to IT security include unsecured Wi-Fi, which a quarter of UK employees admitted having used for remote access to business networks. This compared to 14% of French workers and 8% of staff in Germany.

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